Send Your Loved Ones off to War: Gravitywerx Mail-In Race!

georgeb Friday, 9/9/2011 Trying to squeeze another 10 Rounder in before it gets cold. 1 entry per family member. (unborn ineligible). No limit! 10 to a class, fastest will move up to A. Nobody gets eliminated! Starting order for round 1 will be order I receive entries. Subsequent rounds lined up by points. Inverted! Plenty of lead changes, so likelyhood of your entry making news is good. No PMs unless car doesn't make it down track. Not considering returns at this time. Send entries to: 4513 Feldspar Rd Middletown MD 21769 with name taped to car. My cars will not be competing and are not for sale or rent. All races taped and uploaded to Youtube.


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georgeb 9/17/11 Gravitywerx: The alternative to orange plastic!

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