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What cars have you found lately?

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Fiver on MP

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ChiefWopahoo 10/30/21
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Found these 24 car "desktop" display stands at a diecast toy show today and thought they were pretty cool, so I bought the entire case. 

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Uncle_Elvis 10/30/21

Found today 

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Crazy_Canuck 11/4/21

Bought a box of rando's from Marketplace...found this!

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Crazy_Canuck 11/15/21

Got this the other day... looked good, haven't been through it yet... cost me $30... how do you suppose I did? Win or lose?

Got this 2014 casting on sale in an online shopping store last week

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Bongo 3/2/22

Reviving an older thread because I want to see what others are digging up! So,here's my latest haul: Being new to racing and not a diecast collector, I have a lot of catching up to do to build up options for racers, wheel-farming, and just having good junk to try out ideas on. So, I was pretty happy to find this $4 bag of rattling bits at a local Goodwill. It was already torn open at the thrift store, so someone must have helped themselves to something interesting, but for $4 and what looked like a good number of cars, it'd be hard to miss too badly ---- 


Got it home, and it had 18 vehicles total:

Some rusty axles, some straight into the junkyard. But, also some good older metal on metal castings, some other good castings for future racers, a couple of decent rollers for the wheel farm, and some other fun things for the kiddo and me to play with. A big win for $4 in my book. 

  • Not bad! And even if they're not all straight and ready to roll, good donors for bodies and wheels. That olde time green Bugatti is definitely a good one. — redlinederby
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Bongo 3/4/22

 Today's find. Pretty good for $2! Even if it was covered in bird poop. In some places that's very lucky! Right?

It looked like the bird crap had eaten the finish off the roof so I was planning to strip it and repaint it in my racing livery but now I'm feeling a little conflicted. It cleaned up so nice. I will probably do it anyway, though. I won't find another team hauler that cheap again! (No sign of the 300 SL or any other decent cars)

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CptnZedx1a 3/8/22

     I found on Ebay last week a copy of Rio's 1941 Lincoln Continental. Years ago there was a bad batch of Zaymac going around that caused diecast car bodies to crumble into bits. This one was made from that batch, but it was sold at a ridiculously low price and will yield some great plastic parts. Its spare tire cover will go on Jane 13. The air horns and the wheels I'll save for something special. And the Zephyr V-12 (too small for Rio's 1:43 scale Lincoln but a good size for 1:64) will go into a replica I plan to build of the Model A from Charlie Ryan's version of the song "Hot Rod Lincoln." ("It's got twelve cylinders-Uses them all")

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Bongo 3/12/22

Bag of cars is how much?? $4-$5 is usually what I see here in Northern California, but not today. What's the going rate at the thrift stores in your neck of the woods?

  • Wow, that's not thrift, that's retail prices! A bag of cars in my Ohio thrift stores is ususally $4 or less, $5 on the high end. I guess now even the thrift stores are getting in on the gouging. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 3/17/22
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Clearly the thrift stores are aware of the supply problems, lol. Found loose and beat up cars for $1 at my local store. Didn't even bag em. 

  • I'll have a look at the loose $1 cars at the flea market, or wherever, but ... yeah ... I'm not grabbing anything that strikes my fancy out of that. — Bongo
  • I guess desperate times call for desperate measures — redlinederby

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