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What cars have you found lately?

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DemonPreacher 10/16/23

Found these two beauties at a flea market for three bucks a piece. I had them both as a kid, new (the vette is a 1980 casting, the funny car from '77 - yes, I'm old.) I was thrilled to find them.

  • That funny car is a killer. — redlinederby
  • screamin chicken! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • I just picked up the Vette too. Mine wasn't as nice though, chipped paint and a crushed roof. But I plan on doing a resto on it — IdRatherDieCast
  • I had both of those, too. My father was a drag racer and watched every form of auto racing on TV. He would always bring me home cars and every time I went to the store I got cars. My collection of late 70s and 80s Hot Wheels was massive. I miss them all. — LobotomyScam
  • I have always appreciated Corvettes, excellent find — dcdautos
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Fat_Dad 10/17/23

Picked these up 6 for 13

  • That's a lot of tail fins! — GspeedR
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Fat_Dad 10/21/23

Came across this new to me colorway yesterday and <3

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Fat_Dad 10/22/23

Found my first Zamac on a peg.

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Fat_Dad 10/26/23

This one surprised me. Cracked it open only to realize that behind it was a treasure hunt symbol etc. I thought all treasure hunts were marked on the car as well.

This one is not:

  • If you look very closely you can see the symbol at the left rear of the car: its a yellow symbol on the white icing. Very difficult to find. — EnZedRacing
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dcdautos 10/28/23

A few gassers and the new Braille Racer I picked up at my local Family Dollar for $1.25 apiece, there were two of the Experimotors HW Braille Racer - Twin Mill cars so I left one for some other fortunate enthusiast.

The Corvette is a 2021 chassis and the the Bel Air is a 2012 beauty.

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Fat_Dad 11/3/23

Good haul today at Target. Each is a first for me:

Also, blue. 

  • The blue Plymouth is a nice looking car — dcdautos
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redlinederby 11/3/23
Site manager

Happened to stop at Dollar Tree when they were freshly stocked. Apparently the blue VW is a THunt...who knew?! I only got the one but there were more on the pegs. Guess I should go back and check!

Although my fav is the rally Porsche. 

  • I checked out the rest of the "Tooned" series that the VW belongs to, interesting designs — dcdautos
  • Rad! I am also partial to the rally 928 — Fat_Dad
  • I have passed up those vw's 2x now — dr_dodge
  • grumble, grumble...I am a dumbass — dr_dodge

I had an ooohhhh shiney moment.

  • Man those two on the left are nuts - what are they? — Fat_Dad
  • As I have recently come to find out... those are the infamous Noodleheads! Kings of Diecast racing! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • badass — Numbskull
  • Haha noodleheads! Awesome! — Fat_Dad
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Fat_Dad 11/9/23

Found this little buddy today:

I bought this golden oldie 3 pack of '30's era cars to get that 37 Chevy for a build... Try to find a '30's era coupe model that isn't a Ford! Hard, but I did get a couple others... a dodge and a plymouth!

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Fat_Dad 11/12/23

It's an atypical grab for me but it's my first "chase" and looked too good:

Love the black and gold combo. 

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