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What cars have you found lately?

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dr_dodge 11/12/23

I've got some of those, very cool

do they fit orange track?

it would be a wild looking field of cars for a race


  • So far I only have a 25 foot Blu Track for testing and it fits that — Fat_Dad
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dr_dodge 11/13/23

not bought, but just found this info

early unproduced prototype

other cool stuff at that site

all stuff I have never heard of before


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FredD 11/13/23

The original Numb Skull?

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Kingjester 11/16/23

Got this sweet 1967 Chevy camino with trailer off of eBay and it just arrived today. I got plans to mod it for a future event.

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Mario_Kartz 11/25/23

Oh the day I was born? And all the nurses gather around. And they gaze in wide wonder, the joy I have found.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has just arrived to my doorstep!

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JDC442 11/25/23

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Mario_Kartz 11/27/23

I am soooooo happy!!!! I finally got what I wanted for the race!!!

Got these cars at the Flea Market for 6$ 

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