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What cars have you found lately?

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SIKU nr.1686 , 8x8 MAN Trail Truck

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Old_Sarge 12/20/23

4 out of 5 in the set

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Fat_Dad 12/20/23

Two favorites out of today's haul:

  • quite a spoiler on the lightening truck. could be a good jouster car — dr_dodge
  • that red lightning is pretty sharp — Old_Sarge
  • I googled jousting Hot Wheels and now I know that exists. Know how to join jousts? dr_dodge — Fat_Dad
  • I'm on here Fat_Dad. No jousts currently open for submissions but there will be next year. Cheers! — JunkyardJoust
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Fat_Dad 12/21/23

Check out the unique wheels on these finds today at Wally's place: 

  • Thats really Snappy! — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • I thought so too. I haven't seen these before. A line of 6 Porsches (I only found 2) that seem to all have them. — Fat_Dad
  • Nice Snag! — Bent_Rod_Racing

In a Panic to find a CCM for Blueline's Drag race, I came across this while giong through Bins and snagged it along with a Tow truck. The color caught my eye.

  • I just grabbed one of those myself... great looking design! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • It's Really cool, like the wide Axel stance. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • I'm new, what's CCM? — Fat_Dad
  • Country club Muscle casting, Didn't know myself till I saw I had wrong car for Entry to BlueLine's Drag strip. — Bent_Rod_Racing

Apparently I'm a MOPAR diecast fan... who knew? lol

My first multi car of the same model purchase... you guys are a bad influence on me! lol

  • Picked a great casting to start with - that Superbird has been a favorite since it's debut! — Fat_Dad
  • that is what I had heard... a favorite of mine too! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • nice, welcome to the dark side — dr_dodge
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Strike 12/25/23

I collect Pixar Cars Die-cast cars. just got Johnny Blamer #54 as part of my christmas haul. 

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Bigtruck 12/31/23

Hi, biding on these on a online auction. What do you think there worth so I don't overspend. Thanks

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Fat_Dad 1/3/24

Picked up a couple nice 1s today:

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Pandaman08 1/3/24

I found some treasure hunt cars this last weekend 1 at Walmart and the other 2 at the grocery store 

  • That red truck is awesome! Never seen that 1 before. — Fat_Dad
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Fat_Dad 1/4/24

Idk if they're special but I thought these were cool - especially the Twin Mill Gen-E. No hang tag thing tho? 

got this lot in... some of my favorites!

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