Special features on non-Hot Wheels brands

redlinederby Monday, 7/10/2017
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Some Hot Wheels cars have features like Faster Than Ever axles that are different than the "normal" axles, making them faster.

Do any of the other major brands have these types of features?

Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, etc...any brand that has a consumer 1:64 line that could be racing. 

I'm doing some planning for the fantasy league and considering how to include other brands besides HW.


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GspeedR 7/13/17

Matchbox was known to make positive strides in rolling performance with the original 'Superfast' wheels in the 70s. But I think the 'Starburst' wheels from the 1980s was among their best performers(remember the Hailey's Comet cars?). Of coarse, the 'Laser Wheels' have also raised some eyebrows among racers. Although, I can't really see any mechanical differences between Starburst wheels and Laser Wheels.

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redlinederby 7/14/17
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So in the case of something like the Fantasy League game, would you want to know if a car had Laser/Starburst/Superfast wheels?

That's what I'm trying to determine...guess I didn't mention that above, whoops.

With Hot Wheels, there can be 2 cars that are the same casting but one has FTE axles...thus in the context of picking a car for the game, those are 2 different cars; each with separate stats.

Do you think that type of policy should be applied to the Laser wheels, etc.?

I need to figure out what people would consider to be "special" or "premium" features on a car so I can denote that car database we end up creating for the game.

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