Speed gate timing app?

Tracanas_DCRPT Thursday, 5/21/2020

Hi everyone. So, I've been searching for a speed gate to make some speed races within my channel, but, as usual, they don't sell in Portugal. So I was figuring if there is any kind of app (android in my case) that could read speed. I've found some speed gun app but I have to follow the car with the finger on my screen, doesn't seem very accurate.

Any ideias?


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Chaos_Canyon 5/21/20

I'm currently working on a simple timer but for now I have used my editing software to work out the time. Just check the time when the cars start and finish and work it out from there. Time consuming but it works

  • I don't want to know the track time but the speed. There are some speeding gates but I can't get them on Portugal. — Tracanas_DCRPT
  • But if you know the time and the distance of your track you can check the speed, at least the average speed over your track anyway — Chaos_Canyon

speed = distance/time

I suck at math, I'm sure there is an app somewhere that can use the camera to do it.

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