Spirt of 76/Stars and Stripes CCC Short Track

iowastockcars Monday, 7/1/2013

So everyone is playing with the same information, I am gathering and uploading past results on my track for the cars that were selected. Check back here for the information to help you make your picks. Some new cars will come straight out of the package and others are veterans that have plenty of experience on my track.

Here are the cars for the Spirit of 76 Race.

http://orangetrackracing.org/RL%20070713/Spirit%20of%2076.htm (Formats much better in IE than Chrome)

A short explanation on my rankings that you will see. A normal win or loss is either 10 points for or -10 points against them. A good loss is -5 or 0. The more points for the win, they are further into the bracket winning against better cars. The ranking system starts at 1000 points.


And here are the current stats for the Stars and Stripes race.


Good luck to all. Will try to get a video of things.

Wanted to throw up a summary of the races at the Triple C Short Track. There were some big surprises for us, some new cars that have never seen the track, and lots of close racing.

If you had paid attention to the race of champions that I held for my best cars and if you looked at the cars that raced in the first go around on the Triple C Short Track, you would have had some insight into a few of the cars.

Spirt of '76Going in, I thought it would be the 70 Pontiac Firebird 400 or the Classic Cobra. They did make it to the final race against each other in a race that went the full three rounds. The final race was so close, my oldest son was mad because he thought the Cobra (his entry and pick to win it all) had won. The replay shows them side by side with the finish line showing the FireBird. It was sooo close, it could have gone either way. The suprirse of the race was the Rodger Dodger. The Redlinederby version is very good. Mine had only seen the track twice, but it had a good showing and gave the FireBird a run for its money. The FTE cars just didn't show up this race. The Pontiac GTO made it one round and the Nova lost in the first round.

Here is a video of that race. Sorry about the side angle, I didnt realize I had the camera that way.

Stars and Stripes
After seeing the results, I figured it would throw everyone for a loop. And it did, with one exception where KyCat scored 250 points! The links above showed that my Lumina is just not dominate on my track. I have tried a second version as well with worse results. That was probably a favorite pick by everyone and then it lost to the 09 Vette Stingray in 3 races in round one. The other car that people may have jumped on due to its weight was the Monte Carlo Concept. Again, the light weight car (73 Firebird) took out the heavy weight and again it took 3 races.

If you look at the first set of races for Redlinederby on the Triple C Raceway, this 56 Chevy Flashrider went to the final race in the truck race and lost out to the Off Track FTE. So it was proven, despite a so/so record going in. My entire family overlooked it as well, picking either the Chevelle to beat it in round one or the Sting Ray in Round 2. How wrong we were!

On the bottom part of the bracket, the 2012 Vette Z06 really suprirse me by knocking off the heavier 57 Chevy and then the newbie, the 71 El Camino. It meet its match though with a heavy weight that finally was winning. The Huffan Chevy Stocker. It has a reputation for being one of the fastest HW cars out there. It easily took down the A-Team van. And then was pushed to 3 races by the 07 Chevy Tahoe and the 12 Vette Z06 and won both of those. Then it got to the final and it just did not like one lane for some reason and the 56 Chevy Flashrider easily won in one lane and the Chevy Stocker would pick it up big time in the other lane. Was weird to see it, but in the end the 56 Chevy Flashrider was the surprise winner--even though he probably should have been the favorite.

Video coming soon...

As always, its a blast to race the cars for the league.

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