Standard size for races idea.

CrzyTrkrDude Friday, 6/3/2016

I just saw all that on the 

( heck, i don't even know what race thread it was, that is how off topic it got.)

Truck race was it!?!

I dunno.

Anyways, an idea:

Some crafty person with mad skills should build or locate, some sort of uniform box, or container, that is inexpensive and readily available ACROSS THE GLOBE. LOL 

That way, in a race thread, they can say. 

" Must fit inside (example : this 250 count tic tac box)and weigh no more than, 3 quarters, 5 nickles and an 1843 half cent piece" to qualify.

Hell, ( sorry B.) At least the hot wheel isle won't smell like garlic breath.


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72_Chevy_C10 6/4/16
Event coordinator

I have a couple of these jammer cases...

And they are what gave me the idea for the standard sizing with the Outlaw Series. A Way2Fast won't really fit right (it will fit, but not with all the wheels down). I'm sure a Caddy 16 won't fit either.

If the Outlaw races start to take off, I was planning on building a 'go/no go' box. Length, width and height all in one...if the car fits, it's okay size-wise.

As for the weight, I think it is just allowing a certain variation with the scales...everyone's scales are going to be a little different. Heck, the same scale can weigh different on different days.

My 2 cents

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aircooled 6/4/16

Hers is my thinking on this.  In Cub Scouts they have a Pine Wood Derby races every year.  When we check the cars in it is first  rolled in a wood box made to size that is made for the car to fit into.  There is also a side that closes like a door.  If the car fits in the box and the door closes the car passes inspection. If it does not fit either they fit the car or they don't race.  There is a table we have set-up for folks to use for to fit their car.   That takes car of the height, width and length.  As for the weight there  is a 5 oz limit or 143 grams, and there is a max limit of 145 grams because scales can vary.  If you go to our web site you can get an idea on the size of our event which was 700 plus cars this year.  As for wheels as long as they have the BSA markings on the wheels they can run whatever they want and we have some wheels that only come in a 1 or 2 grams. We have found that it is better is have simple basic rules that can be enforced.    

Die cast racing has a lot of the same things working for it also. The width, height and length does matter.  The width and height just for fitting on the track and clearing the finish line over hang if there is one.  The length does matter as it effects the performance of the car.  If the rules states a given length them that is what it is.  Unlike the scales which can vary a little, 3.25" is just that not 3.50" or anything else.  Part of building a car is making sure it to fits the rules for that race.  I believe that other than rules for the size and weight and Class like Street Rod, Truck, or whatever there shouldn't be any other restrictions other than not running bearing wheels and that is only because they are still being developed and not available to everyone.

We have racers here who are at different levels and looking for different things.  Some just want to see their car run down the track and other are looking for all the speed we can get from these little cars.  Both can race together and have a great experience as long as the rules are the rules and they are followed and enforced.  I also believe that before the rules are locked down for any race if there is something out of the norm being changed it needs to be posted on the forum before hand for any inputs.  Your not looking for permission just getting any questions addressed before hand and getting buy in from those effected.   

So that is my spin on things sorry, it went long.  We can all have a great time racing.


Aircooled Racing

I think this will be a good "open discussion" thread. Just as i'd hoped. 

I touched on a previous idea already mentioned, i think hopeing those more in the know, would express opinions with more facts on hand.

I'm glad my off kilter sense of humor about it seems to have been accepted as intended.

Let's hear more on this.????

  • don't see where length is much of a problem like weight is... — fordman
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aircooled 6/5/16

What happens with length for example say there is a 3.25 length set for a race.  Some cars show up with 3.50, 3.75 or 4.0 inches.  The longer cars will have their weights higher up on the hill.  Those cars will generate more down force coming down the hill and more power going through the transition to the flat.  They will then have more forward momentum to carry them to the finish line.  A cars weight and length are both key to how a car will perform.  Also, the higher the hill and angle of the drop the more power they will generate.

The other factors that come into play are left to the builder and their cars.  However, whatever the stated weight and length rules are they need to be followed and keep the playing field level for everyone. 

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fordman 6/5/16

don't nit pick this thing to the point of some racers saying frig it...

  • I agree with the nit picken, but having some rules and following them isn't to much to ask. we are talking about using a scale and a ruler. — aircooled
  • We are talking about 64 scale racing enjoy!! — Eastbound357
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redlinederby 6/5/16
Site manager

I'm all for some standards, even if there's nothing in place to make them obvious (which I will hopefully resolve at some point).

That being said, I don't think we need to get too extreme with things. Before we went all crazy, races rules were as simple as dimensions and weight. There's no reason we can't do that still. It's still all up the host, as it should be.

The problems start happening when people start to worry and ask ridiculous/specific what if my car is 3.75" instead of 3.5" - or what if my car is 60g instead of 57g...if we would all just let common sense win out, we'd be okay. It'd be better if we didn't pre-worry and just dealt with issues as they came up, with the host being ultimate judge. 

I'd say don't even bother measuring a car when it comes in unless it looks totally wrong just from observation.

I can tell you that don't always measure and weigh cars when they come in. One, I trust people; two, unless it stands out, I'm not worried about it. If I pick up a car and it feels like a brick, I'll check it...if someone enters a limo, I'll check it. But otherwise, I don't bother because it doesn't matter.

I'd be hesitant to standardize dimensions because everyone's track is different and we should maximize things as much as possible per track. If your track can support a 2" clearance on the finish, that's the limit. If your start can support 5" cars, that's the limit.

Lets keep discussing all of this and we'll get somewhere, that's for sure. Just keep in mind that we are essentially crowdsourcing all of this and everyone's resources are different. 

I'm opposed to standardizing because building different sizes and weights keeps the races interesting.

I don't see what the big deal is here.  Our races have always had weight, dimension, wheel and theme guidelines.  We've been contentedly following them for the year I've been racing here.  If cars do not meet the requirements it's always up to the host and/or organizer to decide what to do with the car.  They have the cars and they get to say what rolls on their track.  

We don't have thousands of racers competing in hundreds of races across the country.  There was, what, 25 or so different people that raced at least one car over the past year?  Not really an environment that calls for "strict" enforcement.  IMO non-qualified cars shouldn't be winning, but neither should cars be going home un-raced.  Still, it's always up to the host.

Just because, by inattention, I made a car too long doesn't mean anything has to change.  I didn't try to run my illegal car in the competition.  There is no problem.

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