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NJ_JCP1962 Wednesday, 2/21/2024

I am starting to build a track setup. I have been collecting various components. I am looking for a Hot Wheels Crossover Pak and a starting gate. I see some 3D printed one. I am looking to do a 2 lane 4 car setup, manually operated, for now. Can anyone stear (no pun intended) me in the right direction?


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Chaos_Canyon 2/21/24

We've hand made all our start gates. The original one was a simple drop gate, where the pins are attached to a block and you pull the holder out and the block swings away and the pins drop below the track. Used that for about 6 months before switching it to the same thing but servo controlled. Now we use the same setup as Gravity Throttle racing, where there is a cam that pulls the pins straight down. The benefit of this is you only have a small hole in front of the cars, you don't need a slot, and there is nothing for the cars to drive over like the ones where the gate folds down in front of the cars.

  • Sounds like a great setup. Would love to see some pics. I'm about to build a gate too and planned on arduino based servo control so I can tie into my finish line and get ET and MPH. — Zamak_Speed_Shop
  • Check out Gravity Throttles video here on his start gate we basically use the same setup — Chaos_Canyon
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41-14 2/22/24

  • This is one I built using a piece of plexiglass attached to a piano hinge with 3/4 inch pine as the frame. Cost effective and easy to build if you’re in a pinch until you get one with the drop pins. — 41-14
  • Used a small sanding drum with a dremel to make the notches to fit over the sides of the track to get it lower to track surface to accommodate lower cars — 41-14
  • nice! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Very nice! — Zamak_Speed_Shop
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JBlotner42 2/22/24

Mine is a simple Drop gate with a hinge and a couple of nails for the pegs. I have added a latch (not in this picture) that holds it and then pull the string to release it.

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redlinederby 2/22/24
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Check out the Starting gates collection in the Forum's got some good threads that might spark an idea or get you a buy. Check out the Finish lines section too because the start/finish can often go hand-in-hand when building and buying.

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41-14 2/22/24

If you search Mike Freda DIY hot wheels start gate on you tube he has free plans for a really cool drop pin starting gate. 

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dr_dodge 2/22/24

simple lift up for now on the Jamestown bypass
aluminum angle
some scrounge brackets, angle is adjustable
it's all raised in a pair of 2x6 chunks now


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SpyDude 2/25/24

I wish I could find the video, but someone actually used the linkage from a blower assembly to open the start gate on a Hot Wheels track. It was epic.  I'm still looking for it.

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