Fixing sticking wheels

RobertBcfc Sunday, 8/4/2019

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to find a number of mid 1970’s Hot Wheels / Matchbox cars.

They are in near mint condition, heavy, metal on metal castings and Id love to run them against some mid 80s castings to see how they stack up.

The trouble is that the wheels on them catch, stopping them running or spinning them one way or another.

Ive never taken a car apart, and would like to use the original wheels and axles if possible, but wouldn’t know where to start.

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.




Check out the section of threads in "cars" about modding and performance...great tips in there...Good Luck and keep us posted.

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redlinederby 8/4/19
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The Beginner's Guide applies to taking apart just about any car. That will get you the pieces. From there it's inspecting to see what you can find, maybe cleaning up the parts, and then putting it all back together.

Depending how many donor cars you have available, you can probably wheel swap if the axles are all bent or something. It's a lot of trial-and-error if you're looking to restore rather than just mod for speed.

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redlinederby 8/4/19
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Although I will say, drilling out the rivets on a metal/metal car can be a littl tricky. Better to do a pilot drill first, then bigger bit to get the head off.

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