Summer Heavy / Summer Light

Sunday, June 21st, 2015
Stroller Sunday, 4/12/2015

Overview of the tournament. Describe the theme, concept and story behind it.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight minimum/maximum - No weight limit.
  • Size restrictions; length and height - Length 4".  Must fit standard orange track. Height 1.3 Inches
  • Cars per entrant/household, etc.- Maximum 2 cars per entrant.
  • Brand, body style, year, make/model requirements, etc.- Any.
  • Wheel limitations, requirements; No FTEs, FTE only- No FTEs.
  • Stock cars allowed- NO!
  • Must be drilled rivets- Yes.
  • Dry lubes only- Yes

Prizes TBD

TBD. Describe the prize(s) offered. Include an image if available. If there is no prize, delete this section.

How to enter  TBD

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

Are there any entry or shipping fees? If not, delete this line.

Where to send your cars

Address of the first host or directions on how to get that address, like a PM.

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

TBD. All entries must be received by the host before 6/14/2015

Scoring and Winning

Overall points won will determine the tournament winner.  Points are 100 points for First Place, 90 for Second Place, 80 for Third place, 70 for Fourth place and 60 for Fifth place.  THE CATCH...The weight of your car in Grams will be subtracted from the points you win. That will be the points you will earn. I.E. If you win you get 100 points.  Your car weighs 61 Grams.  I subtract 61 from the 100 points.  You win 39 points. If you come in 3rd you win 80 points minus 61 for weight you win 19 points.  There is Zero points for 6th place and beyond but there is no subtraction for weight.  All cars will be weighed by me on 2 different scales and averaged. 



Tracks & Dates

TBD. Is this a series or single tournament? Describe how shipping will be handled between hosts, responsibilities, instructions, etc.

Series tracks
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username
  • Date, State - Host username

Winners and Results

TBD. Mention the winner, the final results and include a picture of the winning car if available.

As usual rules can change and I need feedback from you....Stroller...btw my eye is a lot better and I got $19.20 for the gold weight that was in my eyelid...:)


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CrzyTrkrDude 4/12/15

Hmmmmmm, wiiiiide open, but choose wisely, build sparingly, and find the right combo....   Oh, and leave the FTE'S at home... VERY INTERESTING * pinky to corner of the mouth*

Can a car used in a previous race be entered?  Or one built to fit a previous theme race in the past I guess is what I am asking... 

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HappyCamper 4/12/15

That weight rule is wild.  Have you guys ever done anything like that before?  Sounds... intriguing....

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Stroller 4/13/15

Anyone else want to host??

  • I would if this made any sense... — KandORacing
  • weigh the car in grams. race. deduct weight from earned points ( if any). = total score, then high score wins — CrzyTrkrDude
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