Super Short Race

SpyDude Wednesday, 11/18/2020

So I had a totally silly question about an even sillier event. Has anyone tried running a race with the super short tooned cars, like the Bug, the Garbage Truck, the Rocket Box, and the Mini Manga car? I think that would be an absolute riot to watch. Simply keeping the cars upright through the entire course would be a challenge in itself, especially on an open road course.


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Uncle_Elvis 11/18/20

D64 did one last month. Rust Belt Racing (FB group and youtube) does a 1 on 1 shorty race every Friday night 

  • We’ll be doing one next Spring too. No shortage of short races :) — redlinederby
  • Plus, all those cars belong to Rust Belt Racing. I dont think its opened to the Public at this point. — RIVERA_RACING
  • The shorty show down and food trucks are mods the mini stocks and mini nascars are rust belts — NDeavers80
  • Dude, it is a mail in tourney. King of the hill style. Winner stays for next week. Now, I believe Josh has enough through December but is still taking mail-ins for Jan/Feb — Uncle_Elvis
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