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Survivor Road races to watch

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markkaz 5/24/10

I say keep it random like Drag Racing. That's what it is anyway.

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Bandeezee 5/24/10

It depends on how the bracket looks. Is it one large bracket? If so, try and keep the top seeds on opposite ends just in case they do end up being the fastest cars, at least it would save the best race until last. Or start at the top with the 1 seed, put the 2 seed at the bottom, put the 3 seed at the top in the slot below the 1 seed (not against the 1 seed, but in the pairing below), put the 4 seed at the bottom above the 2 seed (not against the 2 seed, but in the pairing above), etc, etc...Do that for the first 8 cars and pick the cars they're running against randomly, so it spreads out the field (in a 16 car bracket).

Nah, this may be over thinking it, just do it random I guess.

Anyhow, totally forgot to tell you guys. I convinced the wife to buy me an early father's day gift...........50ft of continuous Blutrack here I come. Just got the e-mail that it shipped today I don't know where I'm going to fit it, but I figure our races will be between 20-30ft and if we want to go extra long on a certain day, we can now and won't have to worry about cars jumping off the track or the track rising at the joints. I'm really excited to see how the cars will run on the new track. Definitely have to start thinking about putting a frame up for the track now. Plus I'll need a new start and finish line I'll let you know what my family and I come up with, lol.

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redlinederby 5/25/10
Site manager

Very cool, way to go on the track. If you haven't yet, check out my review of Blutrack over in the blog:

I think Blutrack is a great product, I just wish it was Hot Wheels compatible. Maybe they can't be due to license or copyright or something, but not being able to extend Blutrack with stuff we can easily find in the store is a bummer.

Take some photos as you find solutions to your finish line and stuff. Have fun!!

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Bandeezee 5/25/10

Each Blutrack lane is wider than the Hot Wheels orange track? Hmm.......I was not aware of that. I guess I should have taken a closer look at the specifications and compared it against the current track I have. My issue was always that I had different orange track pieces purchased from different places and some seemed to be slightly thinner than others. The cars would always hit the edges when it got to a point where the different types of track joined together. We solved it by starting with the narrowest track first, then connecting a wider piece, and continued that until we connected the widest section last.

We don't have a solid foundation for our track, so many times the track would lift at the joints. This caused a lot of jumping and cars catching air. They slowed down when they rubbed against the wall after the landing. I figured my best bet would be to get two pieces of continuous orange track. I tried to nab one on eBay a couple of days ago, but got outbid at the last second. That one piece went for about $52. Then I remembered that the Blutrack is two lanes put together, so I decided to price it out. It would be cheaper for me to buy the Blutrack, then buying two continuous orange track pieces at $52 each.

So, asked the wife for an early father's day gift. Talked my dad into paying half (he's part of the family that races and we share a lot of our Hot Wheels stuff) and voila, 50ft of Blutrack on the way

I'm guessing the start and finish lines will be pretty mickey mouse until we can get some built. I'll let you know if you end up making something official.

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redlinederby 5/25/10
Site manager

Yeah the Blutrack will take some getting used to. The 1/64 scale cars bounce a lot from side to side in my play tests.

I totally understand the frustration with orange track. Even a 6" wide board like the one I used in the fold-up track serves as a good foundation for orange track. I don't have any problems with joints causing jumps. Cars hitting the seams where tracks fit together is another story, however.

In some cases I actually dremmel the orange track wall joints down where they've shown wear from cars.

The Walmart orange track is pretty thin but that's good to have for hills and transitions. I use the Walmart track for the transition on the RDR derby track. It goes from high wall on the drop, to low wall, then back to high wall for the rest of the straightaway. Not ideal but it works and is still a lot of fun.

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