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Tail of the Dragon - The Awakening

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Team HotWheelsRacing- 3 Fig Rigs

Team Legends of Speed- Mach Speeder,  Formula Flashback, and Flash Drive

Getting excited 

Just been informed after the race his cars are mine so I will put same address on both entry forms.

No he just doesn't want 2 keep them

Its Speedsta 

I did the same 4 southern drift.

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FOTF 5/31/18

FOTF’s proposed team ... the infamous Red Viper; the Hazard County Hot Tub; and the Baja F40 (after it makes its June appearance at D64 and stops by FOTF Headquarters for graphite).

... and yeah, my desk is a mess at the moment.

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LeagueofSpeed 6/1/18
Event coordinator

We have an open spot...a team had to drop out.

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LeagueofSpeed 6/3/18
Event coordinator

Tail of the Dragon-The Awakening is now full again.

All of my cars and Speedsta's are are at our houses he needs 2 bring them over for graphite. I need 2 make sure he filled out an entry form.

  • The Race is 7 weeks out...I don't need your cars yet...let me get the track built first :) — LeagueofSpeed

LOL. So excited 4 it. My cars are going 2 domimate bc on a track like this its NOT ALL about speed. Its about handling, stability, endurance, and ok maybe a little bit of Speed wouldn't hurt. 

  •, just how many Fig Rigs have you run on a track like Tail of the Dragon? — LeagueofSpeed

Zero but I do have some fat track that I use and have found that most of my fastest cars fly off the curves if its not banked more than it already is. Its also very touchy bc sometimes if u add 2 much bank itll scrub a lot of Speed and wont make it 2 the next curve. Trial and error. Also modded cars arent always the best 4 fat track bc if u jeopardize the integrity of the axle on accident that can mess up how well the car enters and exits the curve and how well the wheels roll. Thats what I did with my rip rod and it messed it up. Along with the fact that I bent the axle.

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