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Tail of the Dragon - The Awakening

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Ok thanks. Good luck on your Quest for Speed. I watch when I can.

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LeagueofSpeed 7/30/18
Event coordinator

Were done and have a Champion...but we're getting a lot of cross chop around here tonight...effecting our blue tooth name it, so the upload has been kicked out of youtube 7 times we'll give it another shot tomorrow...sorry for the delay...but it's out of our hands.

  • Stupid weather doesn't it know we want to watch hotwheels racing... — NDeavers80

Thats ok Im so excited I can barely breath.

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LeagueofSpeed 7/31/18
Event coordinator

Well...the inaugural race for Tail of the Dragon is in the books...very pleased with the track build and looking forward to the future races on Tail of the Dragon.

...Tail of the Dragon will return in January 2019 with a 27 single car 27 racers will face the Dragon in an Open Wheel clash.

....Tail of the Dragon - Winters War...Jan 2019    

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Dadvball 7/31/18

Congrats to the winner!  I won't mention the name in case they haven't watch the race yet.  

Awesome racing action once again LOS!  These new action tracks with the multiple curves and straights have been a blast to watch. I'm starting to feel the hook being set and hopefully in the near future can build one of my own. 

Thanks for hosting another race and keeping the flame burning. 

  • My pleasure my Brother...always glad to see you in the field!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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41-14 8/1/18

Thanks for hosting an amazing race on a wicked new track. Unbelievable job once again by the Legion of Speed. Much appreciated. Still can’t believe we won. Wow. Little Bug is super excited. Been a good month for her, winning tail of the dragon with mom and dad and winning the HOTS at Diecast 64. Thx again for having us and congrats to all the participants who made this a great event


  • Your more than Welcome my Brother...I feel confident I've delivered us another good track to race on...and Congrats on slaying the Dragon!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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FOTF 8/8/18

So the win goes north to Canada.... Congrats 41-14 and Little Bug, and thank you LoS and Speed Force for more great entertainment!! Awesome track and videos and exciting racing! Glad one of my rides made it to the second round. I also liked seeing the poster of the dragon himself on the wall--and of course the knights in plastic armor going to slay him ... I even find some amusement in how my Viper was slain by him--I guess snakes are no match for dragons....

Looking forward to my next run here!

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