Teflon coated axles

FathersonDiecast Friday, 3/5/2021

While doing a wheel swap, polishing Axel I found a liquid Teflon product that is applyed wet but dries leaving the Axel coated with teflon, major improvement. So my question is. Is Teflon coated axels ok for any race?. It is a big improvement for gaining speed.


It is for races at the Canyon but you'd need to check with each tracks rules I think. Generally they are dry lube only so if you can get their approval that it's dry when it gets to them you might be ok. Have you got a photo of the product? Icould be interested in getting some for myself

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redlinederby 3/5/21
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Interesting. I would be interested in this as well to try and see not only how it impacts the cars, but how it impacts my track. As someone that hosts more racing than participates, my concern is if there is any residuals left on the track that could do damage or just get in the way. I clean my track before each event but the last thing I want to do is have to wipe it down between heats.

  • No residue after application, Axel is dry. I apply when doing wheel swap, Product is in airosol, I spray into small jar.i eyedropper Teflon on Axel and it coats entire Axel. I will send picture of productt — FathersonDiecast
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SpyDude 3/5/21

Here's the stuff he's using .... Blaster Dry Lube with Teflon.  Goes on wet, dries clear. Looks like we got a winner, guys .....


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CrazyEights 3/6/21

There's another one called Finish Line dry bike lubricant. Its made from Teflon. It was made for professional bike riders. I used it once on a old Buick Wildcat. It help loosen it up but no real pickup in speed. Plus bottle says leaves wax like film. Probably gums up. So I use it on creaky doors now. Let's you sneak up on people! Lol!

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