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Traction-Event Thursday, 1/23/2014

Stroller got me motivated...shot all this tonight solo in the basement...I think I'd be less shakey if I had Fishtail releasing the cars. Not my normal catch box...just a quick set up fo the test cars. I had to use and older camer, because i have an older computer and it does not have a video driver that will process HD video...anyhow...

please let me know:
can you open the video? you may need to click the large black box?
if the video is clear enough for when I host the FFF series.

any random input?



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model40fan 1/23/14

good stuff...'32 ford is champ !

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Stroller 1/23/14

Nice looking T.E.....nice race setup to.

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Milton-Fox 1/23/14

The only thing I had to do was to start the video playing, but otherwise it loaded fast, worked well, I heard music and saw graphics - nice job!

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JDC442 1/23/14

No complaints here. Fun little video to watch with great audio.

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redlinederby 1/24/14
Site manager

Not bad at all. Having a remote start really makes the difference when you're the only one shooting video - that's what's killing my videos. I can't open the gate and then run along side the track.

Some have asked for a How To...here is what I did. I am in no way a tech savvy guy. So bear with me.

I have an older windows computer running vista...it came with the standard windows movie maker. This system is very easy to use, but will not accept HD or MP4 movie files. So if you bought a camera in the last 5 yrs it is probably better than my vintage computer. Once in movie maker it is straight forward. There is a menu on the left side with your options, import video, photos, music, etc. I keep my media on SD cards, and upload from the slot in the computer console. Once your media is imported it is a simple act of drag and drop on the video timeline at the bottom of your screen. Then you can edit the clips but trimming or cutting again this is a drag and drop action. Same goes for adding titles, music, text, transitions, or video effects. Also most windows programs have a help or tutorial feature. Once satisfied with your film. You need to publish it, I always save mine as large as possible this will help with image clarity.

Now that you have a complete video saved to you computer you need to share it with the rest of us. Again this is your choice I picked Vimeo, and YouTube. Both services are free and have a similar upload tutorial. All video and phot file sharing sites compress your media for size reasons this is why I save my files large.

Save your project often, I also recommend short videos to test your abilities. Less frustration once you really mess something up and lose it....

I just re-read all of this...not sure how much help all my rambling is....I guess you can pm me with questions...but my experience is based on an older windows based movie maker.

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model40fan 1/26/14

thanks te,
I don't know much about computers...windows 7... have never drag n dropped anything...or even played a game... don't know how...or how to have 2 pages up at once...
i need click by click... please don't assume that I know anything... when i ask for help, my buddies say "what are you messing with that for"... cause they don't know how !

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Nightstalker 1/26/14

Very Cool!! Now I'm gonna have to TRY and learn videoing.

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Milton-Fox 1/26/14


Give use a starting point with the type of camera/video recorder you have and your operating system/version level you have on the computer.

It really is easier to do than - to have it explained to you and the first attempts will not be pretty.

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