Thanks Brian!

HotWheelsCalgary Friday, 11/1/2019

Now that I'm home and things are settling down a bit, I thought I'd take a moment to thank Brian, the guy who runs this great site, for taking time to have breakfast with me and my mom and to talk about racing, the future of YouTube and many other fun things. Unfortunately, I don't have our whole time together recorded, but if you have ever wondered what Brian looks like, well, go check out this link: If you want to see all the great people and places we got to see on the trip, go to this playlist link, get comfy, grab some popcorn(there's a lot!) and enjoy the fun!


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LeagueofSpeed 11/1/19
Event coordinator

That's great!!! The Diecast Community is expansive to say the least...Good Show Brian!!!

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redlinederby 11/1/19
Site manager

You're gonna have to pixel my face out, I'm wanted in 7 states...and Reno...

But no, thank YOU for getting in touch and setting up the meetup. I am honored to be a stop on your tour. It was great to meet you and chat over some pancakes. It looks like your journey was a hell of a good time, meeting all sorts of great folks...glad I could join such a good group of people.

The chances don't always come along to meet the people you know only by a screen name and email address. It was also a wonderful reminder about what Redline Derby is here bring entertainment and fun to all. 

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