Thanks to all! Local race event success

dr_dodge Sunday, 3/19/2023

As many probably know, I am driving gravity racing with the slot car guys

(FB  )

I asked vanman, and I launched an event at our race track

(Maxx Track drag strip)

Open to the Public, top 10 cars go to;

(we change it to only one Champion moves on, not 2 as the flyer above)

I was forcing definition of rules, and tech, process, etc  (and chewin' nails cause I am runnin' this)

15-20 cars showed up.

It went amazing.  We ran 40 cars races, 8 car box heats, @ $2 each,

(winner gets half the pot as prize money)

bingo roller for heat seeding,

Seeded "slow shop cars" a couple times to keep the boxes going

 and when ya lost the cars went to the end of the table, and could drop back in another round

one car went 3 loses in the box finals

all box final winners raced at the end

was great racing, I shared the acloho/graphit mix I had with everyone

showed them a race program, and explained modding cars

funniest of all, only 1 mod car entered, lost in the 3 car final, and the last finals were 2 stockers

dr made $41, and the orange, last minute gas monkey vette sits at the top of the Champion Board tonite


I would not have even thought to push this, nor would have had a clue how too,

or rules and ........

down to the car boxes and paper card to keep things straight

thank you all!  i could not, nor would have even tried, without this place!!  




(if you are in Houston Show up next Sunday)


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TheMakersBox 3/20/23

I'd love to see some video of what an event like this is like!

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dr_dodge 3/20/23

they should put some clips up on the FB link
usually monday when they post stuff

  • try live facebook while racing? — VantheMan
  • I am going to try and get them to FB live it Sunday. Eventually want to get to the point of running mail in events, too, but we have to be able to film it first — dr_dodge
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redlinederby 3/20/23
Site manager

Man, that's great to hear! I'm glad it was fun for everyone and seemed to run pretty smoothly for you. Live event racing is a different beast than "online" race-by-yourself stuff. And having diecast racing at a slot event is perfect! Several guys in the past that have come through were slot converts :)

Just keep it up and be regular with it and you'll get more racers after a while. Not sure what your clientelle is there overall, but down the road you should consider some sort of family race events (parent + kid team) as that might encourage some new membership for you. Keep it simple and have fun and you're golden!

  • Thank you. As I said above I could not have put this together without the source info, and input from everyone here. The event will be ongoing until June 11, and next week I start to explain the top 10 "outlaws" based upon Chaos' rules — dr_dodge

I've got this huge box of 1/64 tyco track and cars I've been saving till I had the space...

  • slot cars are cool, we race 1/32 on a big wood track, and 1/24th on a smaller figure 8 every weekend, it's my decompression, and (only) social interaction — dr_dodge
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