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RobertBcfc Thursday, 11/28/2019

Most of my diecast shopping (and indeed RLD posting) takes place while on the commute to or from London each day.  When I can get a seat, it's a great opportunity to have an hour to myself to scour the net looking for that next car from the notebook.

I wondered if people had, like I do, a number one target or priority search that they go for immediately they join the hunt?

For me it's always the almost impossible to find 2014 High Speed Racing Wheels collection.  I have five of them and seek to add to that number every day - 99.9% of the time to no avail but still - it's certainly my go to search when I first sit down.

What's yours?


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WorpeX 11/28/19

Interesting. Not to be a downer on your dream, but I have 4 High Speed Wheel cars are all but one are mediocre. My Stock Ferrari 458 is faster than the HSW Ferrari 458. Same with the Ballistik. I kinda gave up on them after that. I wonder now if I just bought the wrong ones? I dunno.

Anyway, my number 1 priority is FTE1s! They've become almost impossible to find for me though. I haven't found any at local flea markets in a long time now.

  • I agree with the Team Hot Wheels ones - the only decent one of those I’ve found is the Toyota Off Road Truck. They are the (mostly) white coloured 2011 castings. It’s the latterly produced ones from 14 with the ultra thin honeycomb wheels I look for (the Ballistik from that collection is red) - the ones I’ve unboxed, Split Decision and Teegray, are absolute flyers — RobertBcfc
  • Funnily enough though “FTE” and “Faster Than Ever” are my second and third searches! — RobertBcfc
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redlinederby 11/28/19
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As wimpy and easy as it sounds, I usually look for metal chassis cars.

Im not sniping for any THs or anything collector-ish, just cars that seem like they might be fast. 

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LeagueofSpeed 11/28/19
Event coordinator

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