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redlinederby Monday, 7/22/2019
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The YouTube list has moved

The big list of diecast racing channels on YouTube has moved to the official Redline Derby Diecast Racing Channel guide. If you want to add to the list, please use the form located on the bottom of the Channel Guide.

The list in this thread should still be valid but will no longer be updated.

Everyone has a YouTube channel now, right? It seems like it. I can't keep up and trasversing the YouTube-o-Sphere isn't exactly a picnic either. So to help, lets build a big list of YouTube channels.

Share the channels you manage or even just ones you keep tabs on regularly. Please provide the link if you can. I'll use the thread to build the Big List here at the top. Don't worry about duplicates. 

And while you can discuss it further in the thread, the big list is just that - a list - and it does not consider popularity or quality in determining the order. It's just a list.

Diecast Racing YouTube Channels


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RobertBcfc 7/22/19

Ghostjerker’s channel will always have a place in my heart.

Another one I like is “Races and Fun” - it’s definitely not one for the purists but the sheer imagination that goes into their tracks, combining materials from many different sources, always has me checking back in to see what they come up with next.

  • Can you post links? Thanks — redlinederby
  • Races And Fun — RobertBcfc
  • — RobertBcfc
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WorpeX 7/22/19

Here is my channel, WorpeX Racing,

  • Great one it is too - love the accompanying list of cars and results. Makes it feel like competitive sport rather than random rolling — RobertBcfc
  • thanks, appreciate that comment a lot! — WorpeX

Oh yeah...great idea...the majority of my videos are RLD Racing sanctioned stuff...although The Quest for Speed is just a me thing...which I'm getting ready to finish up soon.

My channel can give you a peak into past RLD races...visit and enjoy 

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MDG_Racing 7/23/19

Race Grooves - Track Time, Faster the Dragster, Ghostjerker, Diecast4Life, Diecastracerx, Guitared& Broke-Kms, Sub4ra, Thunderground Racing, Blackburn Family, Chapman Films, Michael's Diecast Garage & Racing, Red Pill Racing, Nick Deavers Racing 

Here's a few I thought of having coffee

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RobertBcfc 7/24/19

One I forgot in my original post:

M&H Racing - obviously we are only interested in the H (for Hot Wheels) rather than the M (for Marbles).  

Seems to post more marbles races than cars nowadays but I enjoyed the historic stuff:

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redlinederby 7/24/19
Site manager

Wow. Keep 'em coming! It's certainly living up to its name as the Big List. Most of these are new to me, so it's great to see how much racing is being put out there.

  • Yes, of late the list has gown even further! Though, for me, their are different categories of "diecast race channels" ie; Ones that have mail in, builder Vs builder racing, viewer participant racing, inhouse racing.. Then the differing tracks, 1/4 mile, fat/mag track, original design track etc. Yeah, wow, lots to chose from, depending on what you are after! Cheers — CutRock_R_Marc_D

It’s a work in progress, but here is the playlist I am building for diecast racing. Nothing much on there at the moment, but will be getting filled up soon.