The Chrome Bullet

Mattman213 Wednesday, 3/4/2020

The Chrome Bullet isnt my first succesful build but its the first build Ive had to take first in a race.  Two actually!  Redline wanted me to put together a little build thread on it so here goes!

In all honesty, this build came together as a by product of another build/resto of another first generation Large Charge I was working on at the time.  Im a big fan of this casting so every Large Charge/Silver Bullet/Aeroflash I find I snag.  This one in particular is from a $.50 bin at a swap meet and was a total POS but I figured it might work as a parts donor if nothing else.

I was playing around with some wheels that I farmed off a Zamac Salt Shaker but didnt really have any builds going that they would match really well.  Then I looked at the pile of Large/Bullet/Flashes and the wheels started turning.  The red windows with red wheels looked really slick but the original base was black and super crappy so I snagged the bare metal base off a brand new Large Charge Redline repop that was garbage otherwise and loosely tossed this together to see what it was made of.  To my surprise it SCREAMED down the track.  No polish, no lube, axles loosely mounted, no weight added and the body wasnt even screwed to the chassis yet.  First time it hit the end of my track it popped into pieces.  I put it up against some of my faster stock castings and it quickly went up the list knocking off car after car till it settled near the top of the list.  

With the Triplemania weekend deadline quickly approaching, I put all other builds on hold and got to work on the new Chrome Bullet in order to try and see if there was anything more to be had.  After getting it all polished and glued and before adding weight I put it on the track and watched it beat down most of my previous mods and hang with the fastest of them with ease.  Little bit of weight later and it was ready to be mailed out.  

I had already mailed out the Boogeyman (POS Matchbox 308 GTB) for the Feb RLDRL race (which it won!) so I wasnt 100% sure how it would stack up against other's mods but it did NOT dissapoint.  In its first race, the Battle of the Builders it took top spot with the quickest time of the day. 

The next day it duked it out and ended up #1 overall in the Downhill Diecast Drags bringing home another RLD jig and a super cool hand made trophy.

Not bad for a mod that was an afterthought built from scraps of another project.  One thing Im learning through all this is you can do everything in your power to make a Mod fast and itll fail and at the same time, you can have one completely fall into place and become unstoppable.  I hope I can accidentally build another couple winners like this one (and The Boogeyman) down the road.  

Not the last yall will see of this build.  I will be keeping it in shape for future races for sure.


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redlinederby 3/4/20
Site manager

Thanks for sharing the story! It's funny how inconsistent results are relative to intent with these things. You work hard to make one a dud but then half ass another to make a demon. Go figure.

But it's a good lesson to take away from all this racing. Sometimes just take a chance on a "that might look cool" moment and see what happens. I feel I suffer from over-thinking my builds, focusing too much on all the little "that's how you do it" things on a car.

This is a good reminder that you can have fun just throwing some shit together and you might get something awesome.

  • I over think EVERY build so this one falling together and then being quick was def a lesson learned. Ive turned some fast cars slow and some slow cars fast but this thing was fast and got faster which was very rewarding. It might be a 1 in 10 build but the fun Ive had with it will get me through the other 9 flop builds HA! — Mattman213
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WorpeX 3/4/20

Awesome, I enjoyed reading this!

  • Thanks, Redline asked if I would and I'm used to other automotive hobby forums doing build threads for projects so I figured why not! — Mattman213
  • Great write up!!!!! — Rusty
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madmax 3/5/20

I enjoyed this story as much as I like Large Charges/.. I also collect everyone I find.. Perhaps its only those who race that realize what a great track car they are. But this might be the most time anyones put into a parts bin large charge... thanks for posting.

  • Ha its 100% junk parts that weren't going to be used and even the wheels came off the slower of the handful of donor cars I raced together. I still need to complete the restoration pieces but this sucker is due some major credit for the work its put in! — Mattman213
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CrazyEights 6/17/20

The Aeroflash and its family is actually my favorite car.

  • Its has quickly become one of mine as well! — Mattman213
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GhostRacing 6/17/20

Awesome story!!! Great inspiration for us up and coming builders.

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Car_boi 1/27/23

Love the Wheels! It looks very good.

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