The Demon, any fast ones?

RobertBcfc Thursday, 7/11/2019


This one’s been around since 1970 - has anyone come across any particularly fast castings?

Worpex - I saw that you had one that looks great in aqua - which model is that my friend?




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LeagueofSpeed 7/11/19
Event coordinator

I love the look of the casting...but have yet to find even a moderately quick one.

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WorpeX 7/11/19

My Demon is very quick... but its also a special edition. This is the one you're talking about:

This is the 25th Anniversary Vintage Redline. Almost everything from this series is fast! I got lucky and GspeedR gave me this one at a Redline Derby race a long time ago. I don't see him here much anymore, unfortunately. Anyway, I do have another Demon which was just a mainline and its pretty darn slow as LoS had experienced. If you can find it, try to find a 25th Anniversary version!

  • Thanks, I thought yours might be that casting but wanted to check as I’d seen one on eBay at a bargain price. It’s still in its blister but the card has been cut so I guess it wouldn’t appeal to pure collectors but definitely looked great to me. It’s now winging its way over to me. — RobertBcfc
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