The New Addition To The Wall of Fame

HotWheelsCalgary Saturday, 9/1/2018

Back a while ago, I got a package from Mopar Mafia. He didn't include a letter for me to put up with the others but I've felt that there should be something up there to show my thanks for the very generous gift.. So I did this.. I framed most of the cards from the cars he sent as well as the packaging for the collector cards.Not all the cards are in there,but I think there's enough. 

Thank you again Mopar Mafia! 


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Mopar_Mafia 9/1/18

Hey that's cool. You could have opened the cards in the pack. 

  • Oh.. I did... It was last month's car corner...this is just the packaging for them... Thanks again! — HotWheelsCalgary

I went to hang it horizontally and the hook on the frame broke vertical it is... I think it still works.:)

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