The new RLD Diecast Racing Channel Guide

redlinederby Friday, 5/29/2020
Site manager

What started as a thread trying to collect diecast racing YouTube channels has evolved into the new RLD Diecast Racing Channel Guide. This will be replacing the Big List thread.

It's more or less the same thing as before but now data comes directly from YouTube for latest videos and profile details. Any RLD member can submit a new channel to the list, just paste in a link to the channel or user. Lets continue making an ultimate list of diecast racing channels.

Currently it only supports YouTube, so if you're exclusively posting video to Facebook you'll have to share your channel in a normal topic post. (Other platforms may come later)

I have pre-populated the Channel Guide with the channels that were over in the Big List thread. If I missed copying over a channel, my apologies, just submit the channel again using the form on the Channel Guide. Submissions are reviewed and approved by RLD staff before they make the list.

The Channel Guide is pretty basic right now and that might be all it needs...but this will evolve based on your feedback (and my whims), so please share your thoughts and suggestions.

Let's make a one-stop-shop for all the great diecast racing going on out there.


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redlinederby 5/29/20
Site manager

Just a heads up that more links to the Channel Guide will be made available throughout the web site, including the home page and racing pages - I'm still in the process getting those added. 

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Chaos_Canyon 5/29/20

That's awesome Brian! Brilliant to have such a good resource like this

Very cool and organized, congrats.

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