The Orange Monster Rally December 2018

LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 12/30/2017
Event coordinator

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This track is still on the back burner...but it's going to happen. The race it will host will be an end of the year massive race/field. It will be called The Orange Monster Rally. The details...

Two 6 Lane Raceways combined ( minus 1 starter section and 1 finish line section) with 10-12' of run out.....I already have the two (2) 6 Lane Raceways.

36 team field with 6 cars per team, making it a 216 car field total.

36 Heats/single race with winner advancing to the Knock Out Rounds.

36 Heats with 6 car's per Heat will give us 36 Heat winners...the winner's of Heats 1-6 will give us the cars in Knock Out #1...Heats 7-36 will of course give us the cars in Knock Outs 2-6.

The Knock Out Round winners...Knock Outs 1-6...will give us our 6 car Championship Race.

Race will be open to Stock and Modified, which will race against one another. Max weight will be 65g...which means a fast 35-40g Stock could be matched against a 65g Mod ( and 4 other cars). So save your builds this year and build your team...or teams, as I will allow up to 3 teams example...LoS 1, LoS 2, LoS something on the race horizon to plan and look forward to and I will bump this thread each month until the official race thread is posted later this year...Peace - LoS 


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LeagueofSpeed 12/30/17
Event coordinator

This is my test track...The Orange Monster will have the other center section of the other 6 Lane Raceway added and the 6 lanes of runout with the 6 Lane finish line waiting at the end.

  • The center trigger/toggle will be removed for underneath pull system...making lanes 3 and 4 fair as well. — LeagueofSpeed
  • Any particular themed car you have in mind for this? — Mopar_Mafia
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LeagueofSpeed 1/29/18
Event coordinator

^^^ @ Mopar theme, just a 6 car team and up to 3 teams per entry, as this is going to be a 36 team/216 car event.

Monthly bump...Race will take place Dec 27-30 2018...Official Race thread will be posted in October.

This end of the year race gives all those car's we've built and bought this year one more shot at a Title and some Track Time.

Car's can be sent in at any time this year and the Orange Monster Build Journal will keep you up to speed on the host track.

....bump next month, Peace-LoS

Im in. After a disappointing loss on bootleg run Im going to take my time this summer and mod 1.5 teams the other 1.5 teams will be stock. Same for speedsta, he loves hotwheels racing. 

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LeagueofSpeed 2/28/18
Event coordinator

....monthly bump.

I should have some more of the build thread up in March, as I've figured exactly how the Orange Monster will come together now. The actual race thread will be posted in October, but it's a 6 car team race and up to 3 teams are allowed per entrant, as it will be a 216 car field for the race and cars can be sent in at anytime for the late December race. Speed Force has already begun formulating her team, as she loves the 216 car rally type theme...and it is a lot of until the next bump in late March...Peace-LoS.

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LeagueofSpeed 3/28/18
Event coordinator

....monthly bump.

Looking forward to a Spring and Summer of Racing!!! The Orange Monster Rally is going down in late December, so check out the rules and be ready to send in your team(s). Also, Damnation Alley in October....see ya in the Fast Lane!!!

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LeagueofSpeed 6/13/18
Event coordinator

Bump...we have some cars on the way already...3 teams, so 18 cars.

The max weight is 65g...Stock or Mod. theme.

...and "NO" win two in a your Heat and move on to the Knock - Out Round.

Im in

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FOTF 6/13/18

I'll reserve a spot for this (just one team). I might plagiarize someone else's "mod" for this ... and I really should try modifiying other things, though who knows when I'll get around to it.

  • I figured the 65G limit would free up some of yout JL's — LeagueofSpeed
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LeagueofSpeed 7/28/18
Event coordinator

I have one (3) teams in house already...including HWR teams, there are affirmed 144 cars already in the 216 car field. The reason a racer can enter 3 Teams of 6 Cars is because each car get's one shot to make the Knock-Out can't win the Orange Monster Rally unless you win your heat   and there will be 36 Heats of 6 Cars racing....that's your shot...5 cars instantly eliminated if you don't win your Heat...that's why you can enter up to 3 Teams or 18 Cars...ya got 6-18 shots to get in the 6 Knock-Out Rounds and then depending on how many of your cars make Knock-Outs 1-6... one shot to get out of the Knock-Out Round into the 6 Car Championship....which is...ya guessed it...One Shot at Glory...The Champion will win a grand total of 3 races...there Heat...there Knock-Out...and the Championship...that's all.

  • My teams are ready was waiting on the weight limits. See ya in lane 2 — Mopar_Mafia
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41-14 7/30/18

Save a spot for us LoS. 

Wild Rose, Little Bug, and 41-14 definitely want in on this one. I may have to hire a builder with all the racing on the go. Woo hoo. Lovin’ it 

so 3 teams with 18 cars. 

Thx brother. 

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Mopar_Mafia 10/10/18

Any updates or dates set?

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Jav74 10/11/18

I can have a team ready if a spot is still open. 

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