The Spectraflame Wide-Open

Saturday, April 10th, 2021
Hosted by Poverty Hollow ADCR
Scoupe Saturday, 4/3/2021

When & Where

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

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The Spectraflame Wide-Open is a pick'em style tournament that celebrates Hot Wheels unique paint style, the nearly color-chrome Spectraflame. There are 24 cars of various vintages and styles, going as far back as the original Sol-Aire CX4 and Wind Splitter to current iD cars that also share the paint. All cars are pre-graphited to ensure best performance. 

Cars will race in groups of four seeded by the first qualifying session and have the familiar points system of 5/3/2/1 and 0 for failing to finish the lap.

Feel free to comment here which car you desire, or on the video itself. Registration closes on Friday, 7 PM United States/Eastern Standard Time. Thanks for your consideration!!


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SpyDude 4/3/21

I commented on the video, but I wanted to put it here, as well, just in case:
Splittin' Image
SpyDude, Aces High Racing

  • Absolutely. :) Thanks for joining in! — Scoupe
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RKCTDiecast 4/9/21

its a hard or nomad...ughhhh gonna go with the



  • I made sure you're in on this Andrew. Thanks for joining! — Scoupe
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Scoupe 4/10/21

Here we are, first video of the Spectraflame Wide-Open right here, right now!

This is Qualifying Session 1, cars 1-12.

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SpyDude 4/10/21

Really liking that track. Could you tell us more about it? I see some Crash Racers stuff in there,and that looks like a Slanman starting gate .... what's the timer?

  • Glad you enjoy it! The track indeed utilizes a Slan start gate, and a Slan timing system. There are pieces of orange track, Slan 90° banked/laned corners, the over/under alley-oop is from an older high-bank set with a booster, and of course, the 1950's Lionel train bridge. Everything is otherwise connected with Slan connections or held up with household junk. — Scoupe
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Scoupe 4/18/21

Qualifying Session 2 has made its debut, along with the seeded groups for the official tournament kick-off this upcoming weekend. Grab a seat, buckle up, and get ready to swap some seriously shiny paint!

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Scoupe 4/27/21

Groups 1-3 set out to do battle in the first direct competition video in the series!

Let us know who you think the car to beat is

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