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The Super Rad 80's Sprints & The Mullet River Royal Rumble (Roster is full)

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GrumpyCloud 3/14/22

These sound like great races.  I'd like to send you a car.  #22, Grumpy Cloud Racing, Mark Pan

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Lily_the_Dog 3/14/22

Lily the Dog would like to send in a car and take #99 if possible 

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Foursix 3/14/22



Foursix Diecast Racing

I messaged you

Count me in!

Live Young Die-Cast #34 Lone Star

I"m down with anything Down Squad is doing!

Rust Belt Racing

Code 3 Motorsports 

# 3 


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RLoRacing 3/15/22

#69 please

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Bongo 3/15/22

#42 -- Bongo -- Bongo Motorsports, please

Tain - Indiana Diecast Racing

#5 please!

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D1G1T4L 3/15/22

Hey id like a spot! Got D1G1 in #71 

I would love a spot, please!

#4, Daddy G, G4 Diecast Racing

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Foursix 3/15/22

Allowed? Not a specific year but says 80's...

  • It says 80s with make and model. As long as it's an actual 80s firebird and not a concept or fantasy version of one, It's cool with me. — ShannonBR
  • I went with something else anyway???? — Foursix

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