model40fan Monday, 12/31/2012

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now that worpex has buttoned up his series entries, ... what's the next series going to be boy's n' girl's ? ...
heard rumblings of a butcher a nova gig...
i had suggested an any '65-'71 mopar theme...
Gspeedr thought any metal body on a plastic base or visa -versa....
442 ?, carl ?, dirt ?, hamnsnot ?, sinistnFOTF ?, track-e ?, dadv ?, jiggnshaw ?, voxxy ?, r & s ?, austin ?, stalker ?, keeth ?,
will it be a drilled rivits only series ?... weight ? ...wheels ?... single or double elimination ? [may depend on entry count] ...
how many heets ? ... etc...
we need a racer/ racers to step up, claim [title] the series, host or have a host set up for the finals, set the rules,
about a month before heet #1...
then post the series choice on the mail-in topic that's been set up for us ... can't wait !


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Traction-Event 12/31/12

yup I'm interested, and ready to start building.

I'm not sure what has been done in the past... I like the idea of all series being drilled rivets. If a box stock series was held, I like sending in the cars..still on cards.

Pick up truck series?

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WorpeX 12/31/12

I think i'll be booked for awhile with my own series, so no hosting for me this time around. Would be interested to have another mod race coming up now that the delivery series is underway.

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Mcjiggles9 12/31/12

I leave back to school on Jan 5th so if we could decide before then that would be awesome. That way I could make my entrants ASAP so I don't have to send stockers like I did for the middleweight series .

I love the idea of the 65-71 Mopars
I also love series where rivits must be drilled, but then again I really liked the middleweight series because of all the participation and if we make drilling the rivits out a mandate, we tend to lose some participation.

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EconoCarl 12/31/12

. . . and if we make drilling the rivits out a mandate, we tend to lose some participation.

I'll have to agree with this statement.

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NerveHammerFTE 12/31/12

How 'bout one of these suggestions...
1. Featherweight Challenge III
Same as usual ,35g limit FTE class, 35g limit non-FTE class, but an extra low as you can go class, where you go as light as possible.

2. Rivits-drilled Rally Car series
Evo Xs, Evo VIIs, WRX STis (hatch and sedan), you get the point. 57g limit, FTEs allowed.

3. Cops vs. Criminals showdown:
Theres a criminal class (tuner cars, 'tooned series, etc.) and a cops class. The crims race against the crims, and the cops race against the cops. In the finals the finalist from each class race against each other. 57g limit, FTEs allowed.

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tastelikedirt 12/31/12

Pick up truck series?

There was a truck race earlier this year, not that we couldn't have another one.

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model40fan 1/1/13

i will edit in new responses..... so far here is where we stand. [ hope i didn't miss anyone's choice]

modded = [4]... allow stockers = [2]... [1] one of each.... [ two classes - ? ]
[6] '65 - '71 mopar gig...
[1] modern cars...
[2] for plastic / metal...
[1] short wheel base [ extreem gassers ?- i love it].
[2] less than 57 grams...
[1] cops n' crooks [ fun],,,
[1] nova '68ish...
[1] marque [make] challenge
[3] no fte's 1 OR II..

if you know what you want to race, speak up !

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EconoCarl 1/1/13

I'll switch to Mopar
(you can take me off of the Nova list!)

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox Put my vote in for the Mopars, sounds like fun.

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Mcjiggles9 1/1/13

Smitty, I appreciate it, but theres no need to rush this thing

I'm definitely down for mopars, but i'll mod some others before I leave that way hopefully I can enter whatever we come up with

One other idea I had was a manufacturer showdown. Everyone enters a Ford and a Chevy. If we want to make it better we could include Pontiac, Volkswagen, Dodge... you name it

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WorpeX 1/1/13

I dunno what a Mopar is. haha I think i'd prefer a Fantasy themed tournament.

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EconoCarl 1/1/13

I dunno what a Mopar is. haha I think i'd prefer a Fantasy themed tournament.

Stolen from Wiki