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FathersonDiecast Monday, 3/22/2021

I would like to have a electronic timing  system other than my stop watch. RFI on any for sale, or DIY Thank for any information.


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Chaos_Canyon 3/22/21

There are a few tutorials for DIY ones on YT - if you are ok programming and setting up arduino's. Slanman Customs and I think JLH Krafts both do timing systems you can buy but not sure on the time it takes to get them.

I also know that some racers have used one from Dragon (normally for slot cars) and that also works but is more expensive and took months to get to them.

There is a good tutorial on YT for one made from a stopwatch and some LDR's - you can even just buy premade LDR kits that wire in really simply, with no programming, to make it up.

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Go_Time 3/22/21

Ive built a couple of timers using dfgtec.com.  They sell all the parts you need to build the timer (except the Arduino). You will also have to build the actual finish line structure.  It looks very complicated at first...but the instructions and diagrams are very clear and straight forward.  The website also has the program you need for the arduino all you have to do is download it.  You will have to do a bit of soldering...Good luck.


  • Great link...I'll have to check that out. I'm really wanting a timer finish and am just not sure where to start for parts. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 3/22/21
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Won't hurt to browse the Finish Line collection of articles. You'll find all sorts of good info for finish lines in general but also electronics and other links.

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