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Tobacco Road - American Muscle 3

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Stocks this weekend?

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Dadvball 12/7/19

Awesome job!  Lots of fast stock cars. Glad to be in the Sweet 16. 

  • Good luck in the elite eight! You've got to battle my little boy's team of SVOs. It's gonna be fun to see how that BWF Camaro runs against them. — Red_Pill-Racing
  • Thanks! It will definitely be interesting. Good luck to both of you as well. — Dadvball
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LeagueofSpeed 12/12/19

  • That's a Wrap...sorry for the delays...but great racing!!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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redlinederby 12/14/19
Site manager

Just so it's clear and tracked, I made a post for the Stock Division of American Muscle III. 

American Muscle III - Stock Division results

There's not discussion going on's just a placeholder for the results.

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Dadvball 12/14/19

Thanks for hosting another awesome race. So many fast cars and close races. I'm thrilled to get into the winner's circle. 

  • Fast BWF ya got was fun running them all — LeagueofSpeed

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