Top Sportsman Series (California)

tastelikedirt Friday, 8/10/2012

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Received cars from JDC442.

California race is scheduled for Sunday August 12.


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johnnyl 8/10/12

Will you be posting pictures of the cars? Also how many total do you have so far I noticed that you dont have the boys from Connecticut yet.

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EconoCarl 8/10/12

Will you be posting pictures of the cars? . . .

Look on page three of this thread!

The only additional cars I received today was from JDC442.

Are there additional cars expected? I don't know if mail delivers on Saturday and I'm sure not on Sunday. It's pretty much now or never. Unless there are several teams expected. I probably can't race them on Mon. Maybe Tuesday if I had to. It might make it a tight squeeze to get them to the next track by the following weekend.

I'll take photos of the cars tomorrow and try to get them posted up Saturday night. I plan on racing them on Sunday and mailing them out on Monday. Let me know if there has to be a change in plans. I'm sure we can work it out , otherwise Sunday is race day with the five teams that have arrived here.

I have five teams and a total of ten cars. I plan on doing this double elimination bracket. Unless anybody has any better ideas or thoughts.

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johnnyl 8/11/12

We are going to run single elimination at the last race which would be the finals on September 9th. I am okay with everyone running double eliminations. We are missing cars I know FOTF cars were sent out two weeks ago from Connecticut. Let me know what teams you have so far.

I have as off 8/10/12

Team Half Fast,
Voxxer Racing,
Sloppy Jalopies,
Tastelikedirt Racing,

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johnnyl 8/11/12

Okay! Are you going to the post office today?

Yes Sir, I'll go by there this evening for one last check in.

Nothing at the box on Saturday.

Sloppy Jalopies
#91 Grey Truck
#92 Chrome Dragster

Tastelikedirt Racing
#68 Purple Coupe
#69 Green Convertible

Voxxer Racing
#71 Blue Car
#72 Purple Spacecar

JDC442 Racing
#24 Orange Super Bee
#25 White Chevelle

Team Half Fast
#12 Yellow AMX
#13 Black Car

Getting behind on the photos. I hope to start getting them up tonight.

Today is race day!

Really nice craftsmanship going on with all the cars (mine excluded). These cars all look and feel very solid. Roll straight and look good. I'm sure the average person could never tll these are all customs. Nice work all around from the car builders!

First round match ups

13 vs. 24

71 vs. 91

69 vs. 25

12 vs. 90

Winner of 13 vs 24 will race against 72.

Winner of 71 vs 91 will race against 68.

Damage Report!

The racing is going on now.

JDC442s' white Chevelle - The body came apart from the chassis at the finish line. After closer inspection it was just the JB Weld left loose of the plastic chassis, but it snaps right back together. The front wheels/axle is stock with no JB Weld or anything securing it. So there is some play where the passenger side tire can touch the fender. The combination of the loose body and loose axel is the culprit here. I was going to do some repair work, but I realized that the cars go to JDC442 next, so I'll let him take care of it. It still rolls and races.
-edit. I put a little dab of Elmers glue in there to help stabilize things. Temporary fix.

Voxxer Racings' Blue car. One of the rear wheels sort of binds up sometimes like there's a speck of dirt in there. It's got a tube axle so that my have something to do with it. I've just been checking it to make sure it moves freely before I race it.

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JDC442 8/12/12

What kind of finish do you use? Do the cars slam into something at the end? I raced that car repeatedly and never had a problem (I use a folded towel for a soft landing though).

I usually use a quilted jacket folded in half, but...this time I got some new stop tubes from Smitty (I'll post a photo tonight). It works pretty awesome 90% of the time. There were a couple occasions where a car smacked into the seam between the two tubes. After the second time I switched it back out to the jacket.

I can JBWeld it back together if you want. I figured since it was going to you next...It's not damaged or anything. It just came unstuck.