Track Building and BuyingTopic wanted: Hot Wheels 6-lane raceway review

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I don't have the Hot Wheels 6-lane playset but feel like it's one of the "go to" tracks when looking at pre-made options, thus I feel like we should have some sort of review here.

If anyone has this playset and would care to post a review, please reply or PM to let me know.

I'm outlining the content I need to remake thanks to PhotoBucket and also new content I'd like to see for when the site relaunches.

Looks like a wider version of the 4 lane track (the gray one)
nicer finish line

PM heading your way....

Cool. Thanks.

I have done, and continue to do, a lot of racing using the 6 Lane Raceway on my YouTube channel you can check out here:

I have done racing with the track as it lies, moving it back a scale quarter mile, with my NASCAR racing series that uses the NASCAR Sizzlers banked track, and combining slot car track.

Let me know if I may be able to help.

It's a great set. It has a few shortcomings:

It is just a little bit (a couple of millimeters) narrow compared to orange track. Some cars that work well on regular orange track tend to rub the sides on the six lane raceway.

Cars sometimes hang up on the starting line.

The start box itself is short. Some long castings and, unfortunately, the Track Stars big rigs don't work with it.

My kids don't care, though. They love it. It is the most played with item in our house.

It is exorbitant on the big auction site and at the Bezos retailer, but TRU typically has them at the holidays for a reasonable price. It has been a Black Friday item at TRU several times, including 2016.

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