Tournament of Champions

drosales Sunday, 3/20/2011

At some point are we going to line up all the winners that are "retired" and see how they fair against each other?

I think that would be cool we could do a charity thing for it even!

Just thinking because as I build my lot as well I see some of the same cars here in my lot and they race different against some of the previous winners and they didnt match up against them before. Like the f50 and f40 ferrari those arent going to win as consistently against some of the other top winners

Just sayin


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redlinederby 3/22/11
Site manager

A tournament of champions is in my plans. I wanted to have a couple seasons said and done so there is a decent pool to pull from.

Some other thoughts on a champ tournament are that the winner of it would go directly to the hall of fame never to thrown back into the mix. All other retired non-champions would then go back into the normal collection and be eligible for racing again. By then there will be a lot of new, fast racers that haven't gone up against the retirees.

Still trying to figure it all out in my head, but yes, a champ tourney is on the map.

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