Tournament restrictions now include rating

redlinederby Saturday, 8/7/2010
Site manager

After reading Jim's great suggestion of using rating as a tournament filter, it is now so.

Each tournament will now have two restrictions: class and rating range

This will certainly increase the variance of cars per tournament and force players to expand their play. You'll see the rating range along with the class on bracket detail pages (sidebar). And now cars will be automatically filtered by class and rating when entering cars into tournaments.

These first two tournaments still encompass all cars and all ratings, but tournaments after this first set will vary.

Great idea, Jim, thanks for the suggestion. Definitely something I overlooked while over-thinking the game.


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markkaz 8/7/10

What types of 'classes' do you plan on having?

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JDC442 8/8/10

This will certainly increase the variance of cars per tournament and force players to expand their play.

Tournaments where almost any car entered could win will make for some intensely interesting racing action!

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redlinederby 8/9/10
Site manager

The classes currently shown in the game the ones we're gonna start with. As I (and you) come up with other class ideas, they can be added.

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JDC442 8/9/10

Here are some ideas.
1200 Tournament. All new cars.
Undefeated League. There are more than 16 cars with nothing but wins.
'Biggest Losers' tournament? Cars with no wins and at least 2 losses. I believe there are at least 16 .
Around 500 Club. Cars at 500, or within one win/loss of being at 500.
No FTE invite. Only cars with standard axels.

Some of these, like the 'Undefeated League', might have to be held early on.

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redlinederby 8/10/10
Site manager

The non-FTE class was on my list, so that will be ending up in the league before too long.

Classes that are variable, likes wins/losses are harder to do because of just that, they're variable. Classes are all hand-picked so I need to use standard features for grouping. I did add the rating condition but believe me, that was kind of hacked in there because it is something that applies to all cars.

There will be a season winner's tournament at the end of the season to have all the tournament winners duke it out. If anything, the variable classes can all happen at the end of the season. All good ideas!

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