Tow trucks!?

RAGTAG_JIM Sunday, 8/16/2020

Does you RACING GARAGE have a custom tow truck? Or do you just use straight outta the blister tow trucks? I finished my second one tonight and boy was it fun.... Think I'm going to do one more for now... The gold one I made awhile back and the black one is the one I finished today.... Lets see some tow rigs!!!!


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Chaos_Canyon 8/16/20

I've made two customs and just repainted some other ones so far. One was a minor custom, one was a total design and build

  • Awesome i love doing customs for races but sometimes i just have veer off the track a little and do something fun like this... that black truck has been sitting for some time and i never got around to doing anything with it.... but then it just popped into my head of what i could do with it... Now if you look all the way to the right you will see a square body on the hook.... that is probably going to be the third and final RAGTAG RACING GARAGE TOW TRUCK for awhile lol... I have huge competition comeing up where i have to finish 17 cars before middle of October so i will be focusing on those for a little while hahahaha — RAGTAG_JIM

The 6 wheel Tow Jam is around here somewhere...

The towing company at our track is named in honor of Steve Goodman, the singer who penned the song "Lincoln Park Pirates" about Lincoln Towing in Chicago.

  • I know Lincoln towing!!! I'm originally from Illinois!!!! That awesome great work!!! — RAGTAG_JIM
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SpyDude 11/3/20

I love that the gold one is the original Deora truck cab.

  • Yes it was the tuned version of it!!!! Was actually one of my first tow trucks that I made if not the first that ever did — RAGTAG_JIM
  • And thank you by the way!!! — RAGTAG_JIM
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