Track # 6 Yellow Brick Road

LeagueofSpeed Tuesday, 9/8/2020

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Track # 6 is on it's way to the League of Speed Racing Grounds...and in keeping with our Track names being tied to North Carolina history(excluding Damnation Alley)...we proudly announce...The Yellow Brick Road!!!

Back in 1970 on Beech Mountain NC a theme park was opened called The Land of operated until 1980 and was closed to the now opens for annual events like Autumn in Oz and some others...but I went there as a kid and use to believe that the Land of Oz was in the North Carolina, while contemplating the name for the new Track...and since it's hit me and I knew that I'd found the name...the Wizard of Oz has always been a family favorite with my two Daughters growing up as it was for me as a kid...Looking forward to Hosting  races very soon on...

... Yellow Brick Road 


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Looking forward to it!

All the best, Cheers!

Going to be great! house

Build Journal Begins

This will be were the track base, front of the transition and Drop Stand will be attached...MDF, 1x8, Drop Stand, Liquid Nails, Drill Bit, Screws and a screw gun

MDF will be on the floor aka Track Base

Can't wait brother. Let's get those Funny cars rolling on that butter smooth track!

....setting up today, thought everything was in the long box...waiting on solenoid starter, remote control and the finish's in another box

  • I wondered what their 1:64 track looked like. If it's anything like their pinewood tracks, this is going to be really impressive! — GenX_VintageRacing

So it begins...join me...

We won't be using the lower leg on the Stand or the PWD brake...everything's here...some cars on the track

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Go_Time 9/14/20

Thats Awesome!  Just the starting gate height adjustable or fixed?

  • can add the lower leg in the stand for 48"...but I wouldn't recommend unless you went to the 30' plus track length — LeagueofSpeed
  • It’s fixed but you can do 36”, 40” or 48”. Is do 40 or less for a scale quarter mile — BlueLineRacing

Check my YouTube channel out if you want to see the track run. It's awesome.

Frame problem...this piece on the end of the cross member isn't angled as shown and the frame is definitely sitting on it...gotta cut it myself...gotta be level

Eventually the back legs/stand will be done away with and I'll incorporate the main track frame into a permanent setup along with Tobacco Road...basically the frame for the solenoid starter and your Drop.

  • Yep, spending the time now to set it up right is worth the effort! Cheers, looking good! — CutRock_R_Marc_D

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