Track Build in progress

UncleCrash Thursday, 9/30/2021


I'm a newbie here and to the hobby as well.  Got a bunch of hotwheels from a guy at work then things spiraled from there.  Now i'm building my own track after watching videos of 3d botmaker, chaos canyon, gravity throttle racing and ep videos.  There is a bunch more I watch on youtube, but for my track I believe i'm taking a bit of something from those 4 tracks and incorporating into mine. 

Here's a short video of early stages of my build. 

Track HW single lane orange track transitions into 3 car wide 1/64 scale Blue Cartonplast similar to coroplast.  

Start Gate and finish line timer to arrive from Slanman Customs.  

Structure will use wood, chipboard, cardboard and other items I find usefull.

Looking forward to doing some actual race events.

Uncle Crash 


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EnZedRacing 9/30/21

Looks good and will be interesting to see the cars hit the 180 hairpin after making the jump...always good fun to watch. And that black on blue rack looks bloody brillaint too!!! 

  • yeah I was hoping that would work but with limited space I can't get enough downslope height so cars stop halfway thru the hairpin. — UncleCrash
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revesburger 10/1/21

I love jumps. can't wait to see how this turns out

  • Jumps are the best part of diecast racing — UncleCrash

Great track! Like the jump.

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UncleCrash 10/14/21

For the space I have  I can't get enough downhill speed for the turns with the jump.   My plan is now to use it as 2 tracks in 1.   Where track 1  i'll have downhill drag race to the jump all about distance and height and crashes I guess...LOL.   Track 2 I'll take the jump out and just have a road course.  

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UncleCrash 10/14/21

Quick update video of my track build

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