True Player achievement fix

redlinederby Saturday, 8/28/2010
Site manager

The "True Player" achievement had a little bug in it this week so it will get awarded to those that qualify when the next tournaments are ready for picks. The game was looking for 8 bracket submissions instead of 5 to award the bonus. I originally had it set for 8 when building and failed to change it back to 5. Sorry.

It's only 25 points


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redlinederby 9/2/10
Site manager

Out of all the things this game includes and this one little achievement is the worst...

If you've already submitted your bracket picks for the 9/4 tournaments, please re-submit your bracket. You don't have to pick new cars or make any changes, just click "Submit Picks" from your dashboard and submit your bracket again.

If this is at least your 5th bracket submission, which for most players it should be, you'll get your 25 bonus points for unlocking the achievement.

Sorry this got screwed up again. Thankfully an easy fix.

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markkaz 9/2/10

You unlocked the True Player achievement! +25


Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Except there is another bug...

I was tied for 7th place with 550. Now that I got my 25 point bonus,
I have 575 but it kept me at 7th place LOL!

5 iowastockcars 585
6 Ayut 550
7 markkaz 575

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redlinederby 9/3/10
Site manager

Ha! Sorry bout that, but thanks for pointing that out. Thankfully, also an easy bug to fix. I just have to add a line to recalculate the rankings whenever anyone unlocks a bonus.

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