Trying out some new merch

redlinederby Thursday, 9/10/2020
Site manager

The printer calls it a "dad hat" but I'm not quite sure how that differs from a baseball hat. Oh well...still looks cool. 


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LeagueofSpeed 9/10/20
Event coordinator

Nice....but looks like a baseball hat to me....

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Mattman213 9/10/20

Sweet!  Ide rock one if it were fitted.  Go nicely with my Shirt LOL

If you ever make a patch Ide likely use on on a fitted baseball cap!


  • I did some research on patches too cause I'd like one to put on a bag or hat or something too. Problem with patches is you gotta order quantity. I guess I could try pre-order stuff but dunno...gonna keep looking — redlinederby

What about a beanie? It is getting cold out.

  • There is a logo winter cap. I’ll ha e to relist that in the store. — redlinederby
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Chaos_Canyon 9/10/20

Is it a dad cap cause it's already pre-work in?

  • I was wondering if it was because of the distressing. — Kit_Kayem
  • It was listed as a “distressed dad hat” so I assume there’s a non-distressed version too. Weird. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 9/11/20
Site manager

A little Google says a Dad Hat is a baseball cap with a curved bill. Apparently the flat bill caps are the norm now so the old norm has to get a new name. This is as bad as coffee now. Heaven forbid you can just go somewhere and ask for a "baseball cap" and someone asks, "what kind"

  • ha i hate flatbills they don't fit well. Curved all the way! — Mattman213
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