TugaTrack: Portuguese Mountain Track

Tracanas_Garage Saturday, 3/14/2020

Well, let me introduce myself: I'm Jorge from Portugal and I'm a 1:64 collector and I've done some customs in my time. I remember when I was a kid doing gut races with my cars, using some water disposal lines and that was awesome.

Later on I've started collecting wh, but never had much space to build a proper track.

Some years I've even made some events and posted them on YouTube (www.youtube.com/channel/UCKTEXO95TWnQEHmb2LVgTgQ) but. I still wanted to make something like I've seen guitarded and broke and later on 3d. 

So this weekend on forced quarantine and homeworking because the corona, I've started the Tuga Track, using old slot tracks and trying the best to make the cars go to the end...

It's still a working project and I still have a lot to do, but for now I still need a couple of meters of lane to get to what I want, and figure out the best angles in those curves because tha cars go to basto on some of them causing them to almost stop or get stuck.

Hope you like it, tips are always welcomed. 


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redlinederby 3/14/20
Site manager

Nice layout. Dig all the curves. I'll be interested to see how the slot car track works. Seems like you'd have to fill in the slot, no? Don't the wheels get caught in the groove? But even if you just use the slot car track as a base with something over top, that's a great way to get a road course.

Wrong button, didnt want to report the previous comment.

I'm getting a lot of friction from the rails, but I think that once I get the angles of the turns right it will go all the way.

For now only one out of 10 laps gets success... The cardboard also drags a little in the turns, but right now I don't have access to other materials to use on the track...

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LeagueofSpeed 3/14/20
Event coordinator

DCR....diecastracerx on YouTube uses a lot of slot car track.

...and love the track project 

  • Yeah, I've decided to try slot tracks because of him... He takes some drag as well in some turns but it turns out a good track in almost all the races — Tracanas_Garage
  • Just keep it up — LeagueofSpeed

So, last night I've had some crazy wind out here and since im doing an outdoor track, the layout that I was trying to do broke down, but honestly the cars weren't going all the way most of the times, so I've reconfigured to the classic layout that seems to work good to boost the cars enough to get them to the end.

I'll have to close the sides once again and secure it better but I believe this configuration will do the trick.

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