UK Racers?

PeteB Wednesday, 3/27/2019

How many UK based members do we have at RLD? I have so far found, err, one! lol
Are there any UK mail in/race events or any interest in getting one running?
I'd quite like to get more involved, but mailing cars across the pond seems a bit extravagant.


If you go to my YouTube channel, look for comments from a man named John Bolt. He's from England.. as well, look for a channel call My HotWheels Collection, he's from England too. He mailed 2 cars to me in Calgary,Alberta,Canada for the Birdco 500... he might be interested.

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PeteB 4/3/19

Thanks Aaron, that is useful news. I'm drawing a bit of a blank everywhere so far. Apparently I was born on the wrong continent for Hot Wheels! lol

  • No problem... also check the Facebook group, Hot Wheels Collectors UK... I post there all the time.. — HotWheelsCalgary
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