Ummm, Yes Please!!??!!

CrzyTrkrDude Thursday, 3/24/2016

Please, my prayers have been answered!

Auto World has created a 1/64 scale, 1964 Plymouth Barracuda.

Mine was a '65. Basically, exactly like this '64.   Best car I ever owned.

If any of ya'll happen upon one, or two (dozen...)

Please, let me know which arm you would prefer....( I'd prefer to keep my left, I steer better with it, and they make automatics

( in the words of Latka, from "Taxi")...

Sank you vedy much.


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Eastbound357 3/24/16

I'll keep an eye out, I'll be in Tucson tomorrow. Didn't see any today.

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72_Chevy_C10 3/25/16
Event coordinator

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