Vegas Super Convention February, 2012

markkaz Tuesday, 2/7/2012

Jason, are you running the downhill event?

Either way, does anybody know what day is the competition?
What categories are raced? Basics? Redlines?


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Jobe 2/7/12

in the words of Sgt. Schultz..." I know Nothing!"

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model40fan 2/7/12

sgt. shultz knows "struudle" !
tell us more about vegas's enrty rules... if you win there do you have to stay there ?

Open track time on friday, competition on Saturday at 11am . There is a rules page on diecastspace's convention info page

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markkaz 2/8/12

Thanks. Do you have pics of the track or at least the general specs? Length?

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markkaz 2/8/12

Thanks Carl. I never found that info even with a Google search of the website. I will participate in the classic and the modern categories. If I do a modified racer, it will be very simple.

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model40fan 2/8/12

GOOD DIGGIN; CARL... i was lost lookin' for it.

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