Video camera for beginners

model40fan Tuesday, 5/19/2015

got a hot tip from 2 seven... told him how challenged I am with tech...


they are now dinasours, because someone put one in a cell phone... now there is no need for the flip video, so they went extinct...

 it has a back / forward and a trash button...

and then a start/ stop record button... press the button = record... press again = stop...PERFECT ! 

plugs into a usb port ...for slo-mo editing...

new from $45 to $299... wisely...


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redlinederby 5/19/15
Site manager

Several years ago I bought a cheap-o flip camera at Odd was like $20. Very low-res but it worked well and very straight forward, nothing fancy. Great if you're just looking to get any video and aren't picky. Smitty's right...since the smartphones are all-in-one devices now, many of the single-purpose devices are cheaper. 

A quick search on Amazon will find you a bunch of video cameras under $100. Just read reviews and make an educated guess. Most video-only cameras will be plug-n-play USB style rather than needing some fancy app or software to use it.

I recently got a GoPro wannabe camera at my local computer store. It was $40 and boasts the wide-angle lens and whatnot. It's okay. Small and durable, no real features. Going to be using it for my monthly races once I figure out the angles and stuff. final note...getting good video is more about lighting than it is camera quality. It doesn't matter if you have a $1000 camera, if you shoot in your basement without good lighting, the result will be a video that looks like it was shot in a basement with poor lighting. Put the money you save on your camera into buying some white light bulbs and some fixtures. Your videos will look 100% better without doing anything else.

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2seven 5/19/15

I use my Iphone for all the videos, pictures, and editting you've seen. Additionally, I have 4 tube lights and 3 flood lights set up to illuminate the track, cars, and racing. I have zero back gound in lighting.

My theory: more always = better!


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model40fan 5/19/15

my comment was for the guys like me that don't want extra buttons...

 got a couple adjustable spot lights on a tripod in the garage attic... time will tell if I will ever master it?

  • I think I still have a flip video camera someplace. hafta look. — Nightstalker
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model40fan 5/23/15

won the auction... flip video camcorder... $17.95 free shipping.... 3 buttons, forward / back... trash... and take video / stop video.... cain't wait...

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model40fan 5/23/15


  • Yup, that's one I used to have. Easy to use. Welcome to the future! — redlinederby
  • back to the future... — model40fan
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model40fan 5/25/15

it'll be here Friday...

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72_Chevy_C10 5/25/15
Event coordinator

Good lighting is a really big help with the quality of the'll want 'diffused light'...maybe pickup a couple cheap fluorescence lights from Wally-world and have them over the track but not in the shot.

my 2 cents :)

  • camera skill first... lighting will come — model40fan
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model40fan 5/29/15

got it today... complete... has a charger block that plugs in the wall, I just have to plug the flip out usb into it... NO WIRES ! ... testing to come .

  • works... charged batts... took video... trashed it...maybe race a couple cars saturday... — model40fan
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