Waiter, there's a hair in my GTO

MoHasAFastCar Sunday, 4/24/2016

Opened a '69 GTO FTE I thought I might use in the Bare Muscle race.  There was something distinctively not stock about it.




At least it's not a finger.

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fordman 4/24/16

local magician always finds a hare in his hat...

My '69 Charger 500 had a hair too. Mattel should start using hairnets.

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redlinederby 4/24/16
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That's awesome...you gotta keep it that way, you know. Race it that way and everything.

Or maybe it's more valuable. There's error cars, right? So why can't there be hair cars? Should add an extra dollar or two to the resale.

Ooo...it could be Superman's hair, which is unbreakable and also very fast - it'll be like Dumbo's black feather.

  • maybe it came with the Cowsills albulm HAIR... — fordman
  • Maybe curb feeler? — Nightstalker
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CrzyTrkrDude 4/24/16

Maybe it's Goat Hair?

I raced it with the hair, fast...actually planning on using the car...the hair has silver paint on it so I believe it's attached to the seats.  I'll leave it and run it in the bare, slightly less bare in this case, muscle race.

  • If you think it interferes 72 Chevy you can trim — MoHasAFastCar

That hair gives it a great length advantage. Imagine a car winning by a hair.

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