Wanted: Hot Wheels Ratmobile castings

KandORacing Tuesday, 8/9/2016

Hey everyone, in need of some HW Ratmobiles, or at least just the engines off of them. If any of you have extras of the HW Ratmobile casting sitting around or their engines, I'll buy them and pay whatever the shipping is. Needing the engine for a project and a few extras in case I screw up and ruin it when I try changing something. 



Why is it, we never need a certain car or part when they are clogging the pegs? But when inspiration hits and we NEED something, *POOOOF*. ALLLLLLL GONE!!?????!!!????

Happens to me all the time. 

Good luck. I''ve not seen one in months now.

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fordman 8/9/16

post a pic... i may have one in my tupperware marked engines ?

  • I think it's the engine with the open headers pointing out in staggered up and down directions. — CrzyTrkrDude
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