Watch racing? Become an RLD Race Reporter

redlinederby Friday, 1/31/2020
Site manager

Do you keep up with a favorite diecast racing YouTube channel? If you do, Redline Derby could use your help.

We're looking for a few people to be official Redline Derby Race Reporters. All you'd need to do is report on what happened on your favorite channel for the week...who won, which castings, links, etc. You wouldn't need to write in-depth articles, or commit to any quotas, or anything like that. Just what you can, when you can.

And if you regularly watch a YT racing channel then you're already doing the work! We'll provide you with the tools needed.

We do a lot of racing here at Redline Derby but there's racing happening all over the place, and we want to shine a light on as much as we can. We're looking to possibly do a "This Week in Racing" type feature on the site that would cover and promote non-RLD racing.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do to help support Redline Derby, please send me a PM and I can provide you with more details and answer any questions. Be prepared to share which channel(s) you watch and would enjoy covering. say you have your own diecast racing channel? Well then, this is your chance to further promote your channel and have your racing action featured outside of YouTube. If you're a channel owner and content producer, please let me know in your PM and we can discuss further possible content sharing and promotional opportunities. 


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LeagueofSpeed 1/31/20
Event coordinator

Just keep me channel is all over this joint

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