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redlinederby Saturday, 12/15/2018
Site manager

In light of some recent spammish activity here on the site, I'm doing some long overdue housekeeping of accounts. While most spammer accounts are easy to identify due to ridiculous email addresses, there's a good chance I might remove some accounts that are legit.

To anyone that suffers from this, I apologize ahead of time. However, please note that I am using the following criteria to determine if the account should be removed.

  • The account has a weirdo email address
  • The account has never logged in
  • The account has never made a post
  • The account has a weirdo user name

So for 99.9% of you, no worries. To that 0.1%, if you find you can no longer log in, please contact me via email and we'll get you squared away.

There should be no worry about losing any data because I'm only removing accounts that don't have any data in the first place.

I'm also adding back the "are you human" check to the sign-up process, which will hopefully thwart some of the spammers in the first place.

Sorry for any spam posts that you've seen or had infiltrate your threads. Please flag anything that is suspicious and they'll get cleared out.


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redlinederby 12/15/18
Site manager

Okay...just went through and cleaned out 300+ accounts that were spammy and/or suspicious.

Most of the accounts had very Russia-like email addresses, so it was easy to spot. However, I also plucked out zombie accounts that hadn't logged in for years...figure they ain't coming back at this point.

But again, if you find your account no longer works or has some issues, just let me know and we'll fix things. 

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LeagueofSpeed 12/15/18
Event coordinator

Sounds Good...I'll keep an eye out here on the ground floor.

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